Factory-installed malware compromises millions of Android phones

Factory-installed malware compromises millions of Android phones

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Around 9 million Android devices may have been compromised by pre-installed malware in apps that were distributed on the Google Play Store, allowing for the interception of passwords and other illicit activities.

Trend Micro issued a warning about this on Wednesday, the 17th.



As per the cybersecurity firm, a malicious file known as “Guerrilla” has been detected in a minimum of 15 applications available on the official Android store. This file facilitates communication between affected devices and a remote server operated by cybercriminals who are a part of the group called Lemon Group.



The researchers did not provide a detailed explanation of how the devices become infected. However, they did mention that the analyzed equipment had received new ROM updates. Once installed, the malware covertly collects a variety of data from the smartphone while also allowing the perpetrator to exploit the victim’s network resources.


  • fonte: tecmundo.com